Welcome to the review. In the review we will cover this URL shortener program and outline in detail what this program offers. Is the program currently paying or is it a scam? Let’s find out.

What is

Do you want to get 20 paid views from 1 IP? Rate from $3.5 to $20 CPM sounds interesting? Try LinkSpy is an ad server for url shorteners. It means that you can use few url shorteners in one tool. The biggest benefit of using LinkSpy is revenue boost. You can earn even 100% more from the same traffic. How does it work? 1. You have to link few url shorteners to LinkSpy using API keys. 2. Create short links using a form or API 3. LinkSpy will create short links in all linked shorteners 4. Publish links on the Internet 5. LinkSpy will choose links with the higher possible rate for current user basing on location and views limit in 24h period. 6. You will get better rates and much more paid impressions, so you will earn more! You will get paid by linked url shorteners. Other benefits: Links lifetime – your links remain active even if: -You want to resign from one of Url shorteners or your account will be banned. LinkSpy will redirect your traffic to other shorteners. -One of the Url shorteners will be shut down. Your links remain active and will be used with other shorteners. -You decide to use one of the new Url shorteners added to LinkSpy. We will use your current links for that. Realtime statistics – you can analyze your traffic and the conversion of Url shorteners. You can see how much traffic did you send to each shortener and compare it with impressions counted be them. Income diversification – your earnings will be divided to few Url shorteners, so in case of any payment problems you won’t lose all of your money. Review – Stats:

Payout 1 none Payment solutions none Language international, english Monitored since 107 days Payments reported on NBR 245,03 $ Accepted countries All

What does look like? Review 1

What is a Url Shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool, a software or a website that can shrink and trim down the long URLs (the plural form of Uniform Resource Locator), track links you share and provide you detailed data and analysis of these links. The principal aim of a URL shortener is to keep long web page addresses into short ones that people can easily remember. Meanwhile, URL shortener acts like an intermediary between the original web page links and the link that you’re supposed to paste or compile in targeted posts, social media platforms, blogs or articles. The URL shortener will also keep connections between the raw URL and the new link by the act of redirection. That means that anyone clicks a link that tackled with URL shortener will firstly visit the URL shortener provider, and then the original web page link.

Why use a url shortner? When you want to share something by texts on social media platforms, you can directly past the URLs of the web pages that you want to share. But, these links are too long, making people think of spam information. Thus, by using URL shorteners, you can make these URLs much more neat and shorter.

There’re many ways of making money online and affiliate marketing is one of them. But it is difficult to track these links and URLs you share on your blog posts, articles, and social media platforms. Yes, of course, you can install some plug-ins or use some software to track these links, but many of them are paid versions. What’s more, you won’t know which affiliate link or referral link your affiliate revenue comes from.

A URL shortener can solve the problems that we just mentioned. URL shorteners can create beautiful links and help you track these links. And you will see the data analysis of your income and traffic on these URL shorteners.

Our Experience

Please be reminded that we have currently not used this program and the data is gathered from information publicly available on other sources. Review: Conclusion

From the above monitoring status, we can conclude that the program called ‘’ is currently paying its users. Please, do not ever invest in any PTC program or by adpacks, those are clear scams. We hope this expertise review has given you more information on this program so you can decide whether or not to use this program. Follow us on social media and visit this site regularly for more reviews of the best url shortener programs of 2019 and 2020.

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